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Everyone struggles at some point in their life. Most of us will experience depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief or loneliness, for a variety of reasons. Open Paths’ highly-trained, diverse clinical team is here to help you through these times by providing compassionate, culturally-affirming counseling. Most of our services are offered in Spanish and English. While all of our therapists have LGBTQ+ affirmative training, some have additional specialization in working with LGBTQ+ and/or QTPOC identified clients.

Open Paths Counseling Center is a nonprofit agency that exists to
serve Los Angeles residents who have historically been unable to
access counseling due to financial, geographic and/or cultural barriers. In order to ensure the affordability of our services, fees are set using a sliding scale based on family/household income.

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Intimate Partner Abuse (DV)

Another way seeks to eliminate intimate partner abuse and violence by directly addressing its causes through group, individual and (when safe), couples and family counseling. Our approach is to work with clients, both those who cause harm, and those who have been harmed, to explore, understand, and process past traumas and learn healthy communication and relationship skills.

For those who are or have caused harm, the process also includes fostering personal responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions. Through psychoeducation, our therapists teach strategies to identify, manage and de-escalate strong emotions. Clients are then provided with the necessary tools to understand and engage in healthy relationships and stop causing harm to their partners, thus ending cycles of abuse and violence.

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Open Paths offers a variety of support, psychoeducational and process groups. Most of our groups are offered in Spanish and English.

Positive Parenting Classes - Court Approved

A 10-week, educational support group focuses on developing nonviolent parenting skills that foster honesty, responsibility and self-discipline within children while deepening the parent’s connection to their child/children. Enrollment is ongoing and certificates of completion for these classes are accepted at Los Angeles County courts. Classes offered in English and Spanish. 

Women's Empowerment Group (IPAV-DV Survivors Group)

Therapeutic support group for women who have experienced abuse by an intimate partner. Offered in English and Spanish.

Anger Management Classes

This class teaches tools to understand and manage your anger in appropriate ways. Duration of classes are flexible based on court orders or your needs.

Batterer Intervention Programs

Los Angeles County Probation Approved 52-week program for people who are abusive to their intimate partners. Through this process, clients are given the tools necessary to engage in healthy relationships and end the cycles of family violence.

Chronic Pain & Illness Group

A group for those who experience chronic pain or chronic illness. The group aims to create a community to help navigate healthcare, self concept, communication, activities of daily living and the impact of pain or illness on interpersonal relationships.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing—or EMDR for short—is a short term intervention to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of trauma. It was pioneered by Dr. Francine Shapiro, who was a psychologist and researcher. Much research has been produced regarding its effectiveness. Today’s internationally renowned trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D, and others, have deemed EMDR an important treatment modality when working with trauma. Open Paths uses this therapeutic modality to work with clients struggling with chronic toxic stress, discrete traumatic episodes, and/or Complex Trauma: a series of significant traumas that have accumulated without having been mitigated by protective buffers, such as a strong support network; therefore remaining unprocessed.

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Open Paths Counseling Center’s Community Partnership Therapy Program offers culturally affirming, trauma-informed therapists to social service and educational organizations serving low-income, under-resourced communities in Los Angeles at their location, our location, or via Telehealth. Open Paths has become a preferred provider of psychotherapy for nonprofits serving marginalized, under-resourced, communities due to the diversity, quality of care, and professionalism of our clinical team.


Open Paths Counseling Center partners with Title 1 schools to provide free therapy to students in need at their school site.

Black Maternal & Postpartum Mental Health PROGRAM

This program provides both individual counseling and group support for Black parents and families navigating life transitions around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. One specialized offering, Strength In Tiny Steps, is a free, peer-led support group designed by and for Black mothers who have experience with having babies in the NICU. This group is designed to build community with others who have shared these experiences while breaking down the feelings of isolation and helplessness that are the hallmark of this very vulnerable period in a moms’ life.

Individual counseling or couples counseling is also available for Black parents and parents-to-be during this sensitive time, in addition to counseling for pregnancy loss.

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