Carlin Canter

Carlin Canter (she/her), MFT Trainee

Languages Spoken: English

I am a graduate student at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology MFT program. I am completing my clinical practicum hours as an MFT Trainee under supervision at Open Paths Counseling Center. I am eager to share my accumulated skills gained from working in residential mental health care settings, psychology internships, and education. As an eventual licensed Marriage Family Therapist, I plan to utilize as many therapeutic modalities and treatment tools as possible to support others who are struggling. More specifically, I have gravitated towards CBT, DBT, Narrative, Family Systems, and Psychodynamic therapy and plan to become trained in EMDR. Additionally, I am committed to
learning healing practices that are common in other cultures outside of the traditional Western psychology field that may be a better fit for culturally diverse clients. I am eager to contribute to individual and societal healing. Also, I need to update my professional picture. Am I able to use this one for now and replace the photo later?

Over the years of working in a residential mental health care setting, I’ve witnessed the power of therapeutic intervention in processing trauma and the resiliency of human beings. I can offer guidance to those fearful of beginning the healing journey. Furthermore, having a safe, non-judgemental space to process trauma with an unbiased advocate that you feel connected to is invaluable. I can offer genuine empathy and care to my clients, in addition to empirically researched therapeutic interventions, to produce positive outcomes. As someone with a creative background, I firmly believe in the healing power of creativity and self-expression in managing trauma and encourage my clients to supplement their healing with creative pursuits. Furthermore, through my lifelong commitment to social justice and allyship, I have accumulated knowledge about the unique struggles of many different marginalized groups and cultures. I am devoted to continuing to learn how to support them best. Similarly, I am passionate about contributing to the fight to make trauma-informed mental healthcare accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

There are so many barriers to healing, and even just seeking therapy is an act of resiliency and self-love. In my sessions, I will collaborate with clients to manage emotions, process feelings, find their strengths, feel seen/heard, and improve their quality of life. I want to show you that, with the right tools and support, healing is possible.

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