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Therapy & Support Groups

We offer a wide range of therapy, educational, and support groups to the Los Angeles community, ranging from parenting classes, social anxiety support groups, LGBTQI groups, and sexual abuse survivors group. All groups are led by our highly skilled staff of counseling interns and trainees, who are carefully supervised by licensed mental health professionals. Feel free to call the phone numbers below to learn more about the specifics of each group.

Domestic Violence & Anger Management

Another Way provides therapy to women and men whose lives have been affected by violence, whether their own or other people’s. The program helps to reduce partner abuse and sexual assault by directly addressing the cause of violence through 52-week domestic violence perpetrator and anger management groups, support groups, along with individual and family counseling.

For more information call 310-258-9677.


Parenting Education Groups (Court Approved)

Open Paths offers affordable parenting classes and support groups in both English and Spanish on an ongoing basis. These educational support groups focus on developing nonviolent parenting skills that will foster honesty, responsibility and self-discipline in children while deepening parents connection with their child/children. Enrollment is ongoing and certificates of completion (ten weeks of participation) for these classes are accepted at Los Angeles County courts.


Spanish Parenting: Educación y Consejería para Padres

¡Sé el mejor Amigo de tus hijos, y diviértete con ellos! Únase a un grupo de padres que van a aprender a comunicarse de manera efectiva y mejorar sus relaciones con sus hijos. Aprobado por la Corte Superior del Condado de Los Angeles.  Haga clic aquí para aprender mas.

Social Anxiety & Shyness Therapy / Support Groups

Do you often feel uncomfortable in social situations, afraid that you are being judged poorly or will somehow be embarrassed or rejected? Are these worries interfering with your social life, leaving you alone much of the time? If so, you are probably struggling with social anxiety or shyness, a very real, difficult, and often crippling issue that many people struggle with. Join us in a safe group environment where you can address your fears, receive group support, and learn useful skills to overcome the challenges that you’re facing. All our therapy & support groups are facilitated by the Marriage and Family Therapist interns listed below on Monday evenings, and are offered at affordable rates.

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Therapy Group for Highly Sensitive People

Learn the positive attributes of being a Highly Sensitive Person, share your experiences and challenges as a Highly Sensitive Person, and gain support from others similar to you. Based on Dr. Elaine N. Aron’s book, “The Highly Sensitive Person.” This group is facilitated by Lynn (Registered Marriage and Family Intern 76719), who is supervised by Kim Clayborn (LMFT 44162). The group meets Wednesdays at 5:30PM, and is located at 5731 W. Slauson Ave #175, Culver City, CA 90230. The cost of each group session is $20. We ask that you commit to at least four sessions to become acclimated to the group. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Survivors Becoming Thrivers

Providing therapy & support groups in Los Angeles for women only who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


LGBTQI / LGBT Therapy and Support Groups

This safe group environment will help you address your fears as you learn to overcome the challenges you might be facing in life with work, family and in social relationships. > Click here to learn more

Postpartum Wellness Group: Support for New Mothers

After the birth of your baby, are you struggling to feel like yourself? Are you overly-sensitive, overwhelmed, irritable, feeling low or lacking energy? Come learn coping techniques, self care and mindfulnes skills to help create balance in your life. Come share your story, help someone else, and build a circle of support with other mothers. This safe group environment will help you emotionally adjust to motherhood and overcome the challenges you are facing now! Affordable sliding scale fee of $15-25 per session. This support group is held on Saturdays from 12 noon-1:30pm. Please note that an initial intake appointment is required before attending the group.