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School Programs

Since 1998, Open Paths has been providing mental health services to at-risk students in our local community. We proudly offer the following programs, free to both students and schools.

  • Elementary School Program
  • EX/PRESS Creative Writing & Arts Project
  • Violence Prevention

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Elementary School Program

Open Paths offers one-on-one counseling for children on a weekly basis. School staff identifies students in grades K through 5 as already showing problematic behavior. Designed to offer options for resolving life’s problems before students can fail school or turn to drugs or violence, students learn positive responses to cope with stressful situations and increase their self-esteem.

EX/PRESS Creative Writing & Arts Project

For children and youth at the high and middle school level, EX/PRESS helps at-risk students learn to express themselves in positive and constructive ways to help reduce destructive behavior. This successful program has prevented teens and adolescents from dropping out of school, joining gangs and using drugs. Some have gone on to college, often the first in their family to do so.

Violence Prevention

As part of the Another Way outreach to the community, Open Paths provides high and middle school level students group training in alternatives to violence to help reduce gang activity and teen partner abuse. Life skills and the art of mindfulness are also taught to students who have been in altercations on and off campus.