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Services for the Gender Non-Conforming Community

Growing up and living in Southern California as a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, or a-sexual person is easier now than it was a decade ago. But it still presents specific and unique challenges – as well as opportunities! – compared to straight, gender-conforming life. It can be challenging for parents of “gender non-conforming” or “gender-variant” children. People who are questioning their gender orientation or identity also face challenges. For some, it would be helpful to have a place to go and talk about their personal and unique situations with someone who is knowledgeable and would not judge push them into one direction or another. Open Paths Counseling Center is proud to be a provider of sensitive and professional LGBTQIA / LGBT therapy & support for the gender non-conforming community.


Authentic JourneysLGBTQIA therapy & support

Authentic Journeys, a project of Open Paths Counseling Center, is offering LGBT / LGBTQIA specific counseling locally – in Culver City. We are dedicated to providing informed, non-judgmental and non-directive services to members of the LGBTQIA community and their families on a sliding scale fee basis.


Gay Men’s Therapy Group

  • Live authentically in a conforming world
  • Explore sexual orientation and gender identity in a safe and welcoming environment
  • Create paths of support with friends and family

Committed to LGBT Therapy & Support

Our  LGBT therapy & support groups offer a safe and healing environment to help you work through your fears, concerns, and any related issues. Learn to overcome the various challenges you may be facing in work, family and social relationships with the help of our specially trained LGBTQIA affirmative staff. We are commited to providing the LGBTQIA community with informed and affirmative counseling through individual, couples, family and group therapies.