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Domestic Violence & Anger Management

Another Way provides therapy to people whose lives have been affected by violence, whether their own or other people’s. The program helps to reduce partner abuse and sexual assault by directly addressing the cause of violence through 52-week domestic violence perpetrator and anger management groups, individual and family counseling.

Domestic Violence Classes & Anger Management Groups – Los Angeles

Many of our clients are voluntary, and come in for help before they do anything they would later regret. Open Paths also provides Los Angeles County Probation Department approved batterer’s treatment groups, domestic violence classes, as well as counseling for most types of court-mandated clients.

We offer individual, group, and (when safe) family therapy. There is also a women’s group for both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Our focus is on helping people recover from trauma and on helping people learn tools to handle their feelings in a constructive way.

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Kendall EvansKendall Evans, M.A., MFT

Another Way Director

310-258-9677 | kevans3054@aol.com

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing services in West Los Angeles through Open Paths Counseling Center and Another Way: Stopping Violence and Abuse, a domestic violence intervention project at Open Paths. I help abusers and survivors, and supervise trainees and interns learning the work. I am Co-chair of the Association for Batterers’ Intervention Programs and I participate in the Westside Domestic Violence Network. I am a Trans-Woman, and I am starting a program for Gender non-conforming (LGBTQIA) clients. However, my primary specialty is working with perpetrators and survivors of domestic violence and abuse.