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Affordable Therapy for Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Therapy / Support Groups in Los Angeles

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations?
  • Are you often afraid of being judged by others?
  • Do you worry about being embarrassed, criticized, or rejected?
  • Do you end up alone, isolating yourself because of these fears?
  • Are you tired of this pattern and ready to try something different?

If so, why not take a chance and join us in a safe group environment where you can address your fears, receive group support, and learn useful skills to overcome the challenges that you’re facing? Open Paths Counseling center offers affordable, low-fee social anxiety therapy & support groups in the Culver City area of Los Angeles. Social anxiety groups are currently held on Monday evenings.

At Open Paths, we help people grow beyond social anxiety and shyness by exploring what false beliefs may be operating behind-the-scenes – beliefs which often painfully limit people’s capacity for connection. Within a supportive group environment, group members are encouraged to gradually meet their fears in a mindful, compassionate manner. Ultimately, participants feel more freedom to live in greater alignment with their core values, leading to a more fulfilling life experience.

All groups are led by experienced Marriage and Family Therapy Interns or Pre-Licenced Professional Clinical Counselors, who work under the direct supervision and guidance of licensed psychotherapists. Our social anxiety groups are considered low-fee because therapy is offered on a “sliding-scale,” which means it is based on one’s monthly income. Our fees are also extremely affordable when compared to other group therapies being offered in the area. We strive to keep quality mental health care within the reach of all who need it.

social-anxiety-groupsOur social anxiety therapy / support groups utilize a variety of approaches to help people cope with this often crippling mental health condition, and ultimately overcome it. Mindfulness practices, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Process-Orientation, and basic group support are some of the theoretical orientations that our therapists utilize in creating an integrative therapy suited to the unique needs of each group participant.

When thinking about the process of healing social anxiety, it is helpful to consider these basic ideas: When we avoid social situations that are stressful, we are reacting in a common way for someone with social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, this way of dealing with our stress does not solve our problem– it only makes it continue, because we are avoiding what we fear. We get stuck on maintaining a feeling a safety and usually avoid stressful situations because we don’t take any social risks. If we never face and work through the fears that our irrational thinking patterns are creating, we end up repeating the same patterns, and sadly, never overcome our social anxieties.  This strategy works great in the short-term for avoiding the pain of anxiety, but it also has a very high price because it holds us back from making the social connections we crave and need. Group therapy for social anxiety can be a transformational experience, helping you grow into a more comfortable and confident person.

Please note: All groups require an individual intake session prior to attendance. Feel free to call us to learn more or to schedule an intake appointment:

To learn more or schedule an intake, call Lynn: 818-351-9472

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