Open Paths is a counseling center located in Culver City, Los Angeles that offers a wide range of affordable therapy and counseling services for adults, children & adolescents, couples, and families, in both English and Spanish, as well as a therapist training program and volunteering opportunities. Our highly-trained and supervised staff also offer relationship counseling for couples wanting to work on the struggles and communication challenges that may arise when in an intimate partnership.

Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and pre-licensed, in-training Marriage and Family Therapists and are aimed at meeting clients’ needs and financial situation.

Affordable Services Include:

Open Paths Counseling Center was founded in 1975 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1979 in response to a lack of affordable mental health services on the Westside of Los Angeles. Your donation will help Open Paths provide affordable counseling services to those who are in need of therapy for a range of issues, but have little access and are unable to pay much for services due to financial hardship.

For many, finding both high-quality and low-cost therapy can be difficult. We believe that quality mental health services in Los Angeles shouldn’t be reserved for the few and the privileged. We are proud to be able to fulfill this great need with caring, compassionate counseling services in a safe and comfortable environment, all while being centrally located in Culver City. Our counseling center is located near the Westfield Shopping Mall at the intersection of W. Slauson Ave and Buckingham Parkway and has ample free parking available throughout the day.

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Counseling and Parenting Classes – Los Angeles:

English: 310 258-9677
Spanish: 310 967-6090

Domestic Violence Classes – Los Angeles:

English: 310 691-4455
Spanish: 310 854-4327

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